Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So Sorry...

I have been sick and was not very good about doing anything. I have not even scrapped.

Fact #14
I have always filed my own taxes. I like doing it. (I love math, maybe that is why.)

Fact # 15
I hate my middle name. My siblings were named after family members and I was not. I just have never liked that I have an original name.

Fact # 16
My favorite color is Orange. I don't know why but I love it. I have an orange coat, purse, cell phone, socks, you name it. My friend tells me all the time that I need "serious help." I just laugh.

Fact # 17
I love photograph. I took a class in college and did learned all kinds of cool ideas. Now with the digital cameras it is even better. My mother has a few of my photos, blown up and on the wall. What a good momma.

Fact # 18
I have worked in two National Parks and loved every minute of it. I served food in a cafeteria for 2 summers in Yellowstone, at Old Faithful. I loved it there. What an amazing experience.

Fact # 19
I always wanted to travel in Alaska on the train. I want to start in Anchorage and go all the way to Denali. I have seen the travel channel and can't wait to go.

Fact # 20
I have a brother who we adopted when he was in his 30's. He was alone in the world and needed a family. My parents are the type who love everyone and my mom opened her arms and brought him in. He is now married to a Wonderful woman and I have the CUTEST neice ever.

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Alexandra said...

I am so sorry you aren't feeling well! It has been fun getting to know you better through your facts though - keep em' coming! Feel better! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex