Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fact #13
My mother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer (Feb 07) in her speech center and they were not able to remove it. They gave us 6 months and she has now made it a year. I dedicate two days a week to go and take care of her and do all the housework. I love spending that time with her. I pray everyday that we get one more year.

Fact #14
My favorite "All Time" best tv show is Northern Exposure. It was set in Alaska. I always wished I lived somewhere like that.

Fact #15
I applied to the University in Fairbanks, Alaska when I was just graduated and was accepted. I ended up not going because I didn't think I could handle the distance from my family. I wish now I had gone just one year. I could only imagine the experiences I would have had.

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